Cedi gains 0.6% value against US Dollar

The Ghana Cedi has appreciated against its major trading partners especially the United States Dollars.

This is according to the March 2021 Summary of Economic and Financial Data figures released by the Central Bank.

The figures sighted by Original FM Online suggest the Cedi has been performing well and strong against the dollar since last year. The cedi depreciated against the world by a record of 3.9%.

As it stands, Cedi is trading at GH¢5.727 against the major trading currency the dollar.

The Euro is also appreciated by 3.5%. The British pound declined in value by 1.3%.

Recent historical performance of the cedi to dollar

2019 -12.9%
2018 -8.4%
2017 -4.9%
2016 -9.6%
2015 -18.75%


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