GUTA exposed by OPDAG over 50% benchmark value

The National Organizer of the Oil Palm Development Association of Ghana (OPDAG), Mr. Paul-Kwabena-Amaning, has chided the President of Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), Dr. Joseph Obeng, for saying the government is not doing enough to boost their industry.

According to him, the Akufo-Addo led-government has consistently outlined proactive and systematic measures in order to help the Ghana Union of Traders Association.

The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) is accusing the government of attempts to remove the Benchmark Value Reduction of 50% on some selected imported items, saying any scrapping of the policy will escalate prices of goods on the market and increase hardship.

However, the National Organizer of the Oil Palm Development Association of Ghana (OPDAG), Mr. Paul-Kwabena-Amaning has indicated that during the Covid-19 outbreak the government-supported GUTA to boost Ghana’s economy hence Dr. Joseph Obeng assertion that the government has failed to support the Ghana Union of Traders Association are false and frivolous thus it lacks merit and understanding.

“What Dr. Joseph Obeng [is] saying is false and a lie, [the] government under the Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) has supported outgrowers by providing them with four million seedlings to farmers. If you go to Dunkwa right now, under MDF the government has given out-growers two million seedlings to help them in farming so what is the GUTA President talking about?,’’ Mr. Paul-Kwabena-Amaning exclusively told Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Original 91.9 FM Tuesday.

“In oil production too, GOPDC has over 25,000 hectares of farms which helps in oil production to boost Ghana’s economy. However, [it] is a big lie to say that GOPDC imports oil for consumption in Ghana,’’ he added.


The President of the Ghana Union of Traders Association, Dr. Joseph Obeng, has reiterated that any intention by the government to scrap the 50% Benchmark Value at the ports “will be suicidal”.

In a press statement copied to, Dr. Obeng expressed that the Benchmark Value brought relief to the trading community, sanity into the system, and eased tension and agitations amid the impact of the coronavirus on cross-border trade.

“Any attempt to remove this good policy of the government that brought relief will be suicidal for the state because it will not only collapse business but also cause an unbearable rise in prices of goods and services beyond the reach of consumers, especially, low-income earners and the unemployed,” he warned.

The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) holds the position that the reduction in the Benchmark Values by up to 50% had cheapened imports and dampened demand for local substitutes, resulting in a slowdown in growth in the manufacturing companies.

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