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Investigate Covid-19 testing at airport – Frances Asiam to Parliament

Investigate and prosecute all persons found culpable

Frances Ewurabena Asiam, a leading member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) wants Parliament to launch a full-scale probe into the business of Frontiers Healthcare Solution Services Limited, the company administering the Covid-19 testing upon arrival at the Kotoka International Airport.

She said the investigation has become necessary due to the continues surge in the number of the country’s COVID-19 cases despite the mandatory testing at the airport.

The investigation, she said, will determine whether the company should be maintained at the Kotoka International Airport and if found culpable they will be dealt with.

Despite calling for investigations into the company’s business, she also alleged that some local health personnel take bribes from arriving passengers and help them skip the mandatory testing at the airport.

Speaking to Annie Efua Ampofo on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Monday, 15 February 2021, the NPP communicator expressed her frustrations at the development.

“There are security issues involved here. I believe that if a company is contracted to do a job and there are issues with the job they must be made to account and take them on. This is no partisan issue. They should be taken on because we have the parliamentary select committees wherever they are who can summon everybody before them to explain. The security people are there they can look at it: The Ministry of Health is there. Ghana Health Service they cannot know to look at it, so, it is us citizens; we raise the issues,” she argued.

For her, the investigation needs to be carried out immediately “And I believe that with those taking the bribes. I’m talking allegedly. I have not seen it and letting people in. So, you realize that this UK [COVID-19] variant and South Africa these two places because Brazilian doesn’t come here that much. It is the correct attitude and mentality we have as people which is endemic and I hope it doesn’t become pandemic like Covid which is also creating problems.”

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company Limited further questioned the security at the airport suggesting more need to be done to bring to an end the menace threatening national security.

“So we believe there must be a critical investigation. The Ministry of Health or Ghana Health Service into the activities going on at Kotoka International Airport and we call on the security agencies, Parliament also to investigate the efficacy; the efficiency of the company at the airport. If it is good for Ghana; we continue. If it is not good; any decision can be taken,” she said.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams 

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