It is our cultural and human right – Dr. Apaak fights petition to ban trade in dog, cat meat

Builsa South Constituency lawmaker, Dr Clement Abas Apaak, seems unhappy with a petition filed by an International Animal Rights activist to have the Government of Ghana ban the trade in cat and dog meat.

The petition also wants the consumption of said meat banned.

Spearheaded by Natasha Choolun, the petition seeks to ask the President to implement existing laws against animal cruelty, maltreatment and neglect, provide funding for trap, neuter and release programs to prevent street dogs and cats from breeding, get all dogs and cats vaccinated against rabies, and ban dog and cat meat in Ghana.

It also emphasizes that the World Health Organization warns that the dog and cat meat trade spreads rabies and increases the risk of cholera.

But reacting to the petition in a Facebook post, the MP wholly disagreed with the petitioner on the basis that such meals are Ghanaian delicacies.

“Folks, yours truly was offline yesterday. Just got online this morning to see many messages from across the world regarding a petition to the government of Ghana to ban some delicacies,” the MP began his post.

“I’m told listed in the said petition, which I’m yet to see, is DOG, CAT meat and a few others. I don’t speak for Cat eaters, but as the global President of the DOG eaters Association, I assure members that the said petition will never see the light of day,” he stated.

“I urge members to stay calm and continue enjoying their delicacy. I expect members to increase consumption over this weekend. It’s our human, cultural and traditional right,” Dr. Apaak averred.

“I remain a DOG eating citizen,” he noted.

“Dog meat is a special delicacy among Ghanaians, particularly in some parts of Northern Ghana and the move to have it banned has received a lot of backlash from those who have it as their favourite meat and those whose livelihoods depend on the sale of it,” the NDC MP concluded his Facebook post which has since garnered several reactions on social media.

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