Fame compelling current musicians to reject Highlife – Kwaisey Pee

Despite Highlife music being indigenous Ghanaian music that projects the cultural values and traditions of the Ghanaian people, it seems the ordinary Ghanaian has long fallen out of love with it.

This has propelled the new crop of musicians to churn out other genres capable of getting them famous and money.

Multiple award-winning Highlife musician, Kwaisey Pee, shares the same sentiments wondering what could be wrong with the Ghanaian.

He believes the Ghanaian music industry, artistes are judged by the hit songs, therefore, young musicians are influenced to solely focus on releasing as many bangers as they can.

“The cliché has it that, ‘we follow trends’ and currently there’s something the new crop of artistes call a trend. They feel that is the trendy genre and churning out such songs will fetch them early fame that has brought us to this instance,” he said on Original 91.9FM on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

Interacting with Father Innocent on Original Midmorning, the ‘Mehia Odo’ top-charting song crooner observed that Nigerian musicians are rather churning out Highlife music their Ghanaian counterparts have disregarded and they are taking it global.

“What we detest and prefer doing other foreign genres Nigerians have adapted it is unfortunately oftentimes Ghanaian do not appreciate their own”.

Known for songs like ‘Krokro Me’, ‘Brebre’, ‘Mehia Odo’, ‘Osugyani’ among other hit songs, Kwaisey Pee said some radio presenters and young Ghanaian musicians give veterans the impression their reign is over and sidelined.

He said, “Some of us sometimes do not have the encouragement to continue releasing Highlife songs this is because radio presenters and young musicians regard us as retired musicians. Even though we have good songs we find it difficult to release them because we feel sidelined, so, you do not get encouragement to continue producing Highlife songs”.

Kwaisey Pee has been active in the Ghanaian musical sphere for about two decades and he has many hits songs to his credit.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana




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