Hook me up to your friend – Patience Nyarko to Father Innocent

She’s ravishing, a household name, churn out several hit songs, and won several awards but the ‘Ebobooba’ composer lacks one thing, a husband.

In light of this, Patience Nyarko has asked the host of Original Midmorning on Original 91.9FM, Father Innocent, to find her a life partner.

Taking to North Ridge, No.9 Dr. Isert Street to promote her new single ‘Wasore’ on the fast-rising radio station, Patience Nyarko was put on the spot to answer a barrage of questions.

Like celebrity bachelorettes, a question about her marital status was posed at her.

“I’m unmarried,” she responded.

“But are you dating?” asked again Father Innocent.

She answered “If you have a bachelor friend, do link me up to him”

“Should we hook you up?” he probed.

“I don’t like it that way. You’re my friend. This is between you and me; if you say hook up, it insinuates I’m inviting the whole public to hook me with me up to a friend. No. It is between the two of us”.

“You even said you aren’t married”

On her preferred husband, the singer noted that she’s not choosy rather stressing that she’d settle with a man who’s; God-fearing, show her unflinching love, support her music career, and wealthy.

In return, Patience Nyarko said she’d be a helper as the Bible teaches and assist him with all his endeavours.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana  

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