Nurse in the morning, MC afternoon, evening – Meet MC Ferguson, Ghana’s most energetic MC

The alumnus of KIntampo College of Health has become a household in Ghana, Europe, and beyond as he's constantly the host of the event near you.

Swedru, a city in the Central Region of Ghana hosts the country’s most decorated master of ceremony.

Shrewd and with a commanding voice, Edward Eshun Ferguson Junior, who goes by the sobriquet, Swedru MC, and performs under the stage name, MC Ferguson, has established himself as a force to reckon with in the MC business.

With over a decade of experience under his belt, MC Ferguson has earned for himself the accolades of Ghana’s Most Energetic MC.

Though a nurse by profession, he worked with Enuanom FM as a presenter, started the Agona Swedru-based radio station’s entertainment, arts, and lifestyle program, Triple E. He also doubled as the Head of Events in 2017.

He uses his MCing skills to entertain his audience when he mounts the stage.

Ferguson, whose alma mater is St. Augustine College in his line of duty has interviewed every Tom, Dick, and Harry who matters in the Ghanaian showbiz fraternity.

Having emceed over 100s of events, his presence at events is greeted with rapturous cheers.

He is the emcee with the Midas Touch.

It is no surprise that, oftentimes, event organizers prefer him to man the microphone and do what he enjoys doing.

He’s one of the few recognized faces because of the lasting impressions he creates in people’s minds. MC Ferguson has been the man behind many events in the country.

MC Ferguson is a pacesetter. His voice commands respect and by the mention of his name, every eventgoer smiles.

Not your usual kind of emcee, Edward Eshun Ferguson Junior blends his baritone voices and MCing skills with fashion.

The Swedru MC has a special dress for every occasion and a hairdo to complement his looks.

This sets him aside from his peers and apparently makes him peerless in his field.

Ferguson has become a household in Ghana, Europe, and beyond as he’s constantly the host of the event near you.

MC Ferguson says he is driven by love, passion, and the desire to satisfy his audience.

Follow MC Ferguson on Facebook as MCee Ferguson.

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