The world has known no peace since Jesus birth – Dada KD

Controversial Ghanaian Highlife musician, Dada KD, has asserted that Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity and saviour of the world has brought untold hardship to humanity.

He believes the birth of Jesus Christ has worsened the plight of human beings making life unbearable for them on earth.

Known for songs like; ‘Odo Mu Enigye’, ‘Fatia Fata Nkrumah’, ‘Ene Nye’, ‘Adufo Di Pe’ and other chart-topping songs, Dada KD  questioned the Christianity Region stating Jesus is a ghost when asked about his faith orientation.

“Whether I worship gods; it is my ancestors’ religion. They never did wrong. They knew the god and the death penalty awaits anyone who does contrarily. Since Jesus came to the world [sic] we have had no peace. Christians say true Christ who strengthens us. The truth is we rely on some ghost often when I say people think I’m blaspheming. Once a person dies; he or she turns a ghost. If my great grandparents died and became ghost-like Komfo Anokye; if I pour libation; then his spirit protects me; what’s the difference to worship Jesus as the son of God and he’s us. I pour libation and call on God, and our ancestors. If you take a flight where will it alight? Land. Flying bird’s feathers fall on earth when it dies. Everything remains on this earth. If you come on earth and leave you’re a ghost,” he told Father Innocent in a conversation on Original 91.9FM Tuesday.

The contemporary highlife musician also indicated that Jesus is not a supreme being as many have been made to believe instead he said he’s the sun.

“People don’t understand when you say Jesus it is a person. For my understanding,  Christ is the Sun that strengths everyone,”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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