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Covid-19 vaccine: Our health institutions need to up their game – Frances Asiam

She said Ghana needs to process its own vaccine.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company Limited (GCMCL), Mrs. Frances Awurabena Asiam, says local health institutions need to work towards developing vaccines to prevent the country from diseases.

Speaking on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV on Monday,15 February 2021, the New Patriotic Party communicator stated that it is about time Ghana as a country stop over relying on foreign vaccines for disease control and develop its own.

“We have to keep improving our health infrastructure because even the countries that knows; have the technology that are on top of issues that has longevity in terms of death rates (mobility). I mean; look at what is happening; so like it is out of hands. And, you see you know science is a research. Science is always looking at [things] critically. Finding something out and bringing out the solutions,” She told sit-in host Annie Efua Ampofo.

She continued: “Now again, from the health system which we have to keep building up on seriously. When we are relating to Covid what about our health personnel? You see I believe more in looking at the hands on issues than conjecturing. When you look at our health personnel aspect: who complain every now and then; we must take serious note of their welfare and their attitude to work. The training; because this has come to stay with us whether we like it or not. Then having left the health personnel let’s look at our pharmacology or the pharmacology framework in this country. We sit down expecting vaccines to be coming from somewhere; isn’t it the case? And the most brilliant scientists and professionals will be in other countries helping them. You heard of the Ghanaian who was at NASA?”

Frances Asiam indicated that pharmaceutical companies should be focused on developing vaccines to help salvage the situation.

“Russia is developing its own vaccine. China; I think they have. They are all on trial; the EU, then we come to the United States of America. You think when America makes vaccines you are their priority? Latin America, North America will be their priority. So, what is our pharmacology framework.

“What’s the framework. We have the Ernest Chemists of this worlds, Danists, and the whole lot of the Kinapharma and all of them. This concentration on I will say the traditional APC (stomachache drugs). We should be moving because we’ve so many of us kids; I’m talking of people coming up as pharmacists. Where’s the innovation, Where are we pushing them to ? You see you put your mouth where your money is. So the basic thing we must look at Covid-19 and look at how do we can change our health system. All these children will do pharmacy and at the end of the day you’ll find them at somebody’s drugstore.;

She further called on government health institutions saying, “This is where the brains up there should sit up not only licensing. They should begin to look at; Do how we to use to and train our students. Those we train what’s the angle. Are we just training them to come to the hospitals and being in people’s pharmacy . And so on dispensing drugs or we’re training them so that like those outside; the innovation, creativity comes up.”

“Now again, we look at the business aspect of it. It will help us a lot if most of these things are done internally”


By; Bernard Ralph Adams 

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