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Be delicate with the grievances of UTAG – Lawyer Tamakloe urges NLC

Godwin Edudzi Tamakloe has indicated that the challenge of unsatisfactory wage cuts across certain sectors of state departments. According to him, the estimated income of lecturers and professors leaves much to be desired and therefore urged the National Labor Commission to be delicate in handling the matter.

This follows a strike action undertaken by the Universities and Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) due to disgruntled salaries.

UTAG is on the neck of the government to restore their wages to market premiums according to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission Act agreed with the state in 2012.

In a separate development, the National Labor Commission has asked the UTAG to appear before the Commission on a said date granting that UTAG cannot hold classroom activities to ransom whiles they have filed a petition to the NLC.

Lamenting over the issue on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, Lawyer Edudzi Tamakloe mentioned that UTAG’s grievance is not different from what is happening in other sectors of state institutions.

“Fair Wages and Salary Commission: has the government board been reconstituted? It’s not well been just like the Medical and Dental Council. They may also be suffering from the fact that their boards are yet to be constituted. And this challenge is even at the local level. The assemblies. Nomination and approval of MMDCE’s is equally becoming rocket science from a government that took over from itself. This stack incompetence should not be encouraged.

As we speak, Lawyer Tamakloe said, “there is a massive agitation amongst workers generally about this 4% increase in their salaries. It is a huge problem for Ghanaian workers.”

Lawyer Tamakloe indicated that the basic salaries of the teaching staff in our universities are questionable, urging the NLC to be circumspect with the matter.

“It does appear that there is a certain level of fear in the system so even workers are afraid to agitate against some of these salary issues. Now if you look at the salaries that you have raised about our universities lecturers, professors and what have you.

“The way things are going, we may all have to become article 71 officeholders because if in truth, a Ghanaian lecturer is taking GHC3000 minus the little, little allowances then clearly, there is a problem. The professor is talking about GHC5000. Quite clearly, there will be challenges. It may well be that there may be allowances that come to them. In the meantime, I am aware that the National Labor Commission is directing them to go back to the classroom. I think that the Labor Commission needs a more human approach to some of these things,” he emphasized.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu   

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