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Citi FM raid: Needless and completely unnecessary – Kwesi Pratt

Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Junior, has lambasted the Ministry of National Security for raiding Citi FM, an Accra-based radio station to arrest two of its journalists.

He said the ‘Rambo-style’ manner in which the National Security operatives stormed the Adabraka-based media house to whisk the journalists is needless and completely unnecessary.

“I think the raid on Citi FM was a little too much and completely unnecessary. The guy was filming, I understand, vehicles that have been seized and running commentary.”

“The rush to Citi FM to retrieve the video is a bit worrying to me. Retrieving the video what does that do? It doesn’t change anything,” he said on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana Wednesday,

The seasoned journalist added, “The manner in which they stormed the premises of Citi FM was unreservedly unprofessional and that’s what has raised the unnecessary alarm, perhaps. If they’d gotten to Citi offices and got to see Samuel Atta Mensah [CEO, Citi FM] and explain things to him, that you’re interested in retrieving the video and, so on. It could have been done so nicely and neatly. In fact, you didn’t even need armed personnel to do this. Two, three, one security personnel could simply go there and have a conversation with Samuel Atta Mensah, that the lady would have been called to the office and surrender her phone then the material could have been retrieved,” he said.

He further observed that if she refused to make available her mobile phone “there are lawful ways to getting that material from the phone.

In any case, Kwesi Pratt quizzed, “what’s so special about the material that caused this panic in the national security establishment.”



Caleb Kudah, a journalist with Omni Media Limited-owned Citi FM and TV was arrested near the Ministry of National Security car park for filming without authorization on Tuesday, May 12, 2021.

According to the National Security, the premises he shot the videos were prohibited, Original News desk checks indicate otherwise.

He was detained for a 5-hour-period before released.

Citi FM raid

Following his arrest, heavily armed National Security operatives stormed Citi FM premises at Adabraka in three pick-ups to arrest his female colleague, Zoe Abu-Baidoo, a receipt of the filmed material via WhatsApp.

The personnel numbering up to seven with zero respect for the laws of the land forced themselves into the building but for the intervention of the management of the media house, Zoe was whisked.

Together with the management, they followed the National Security personnel to their Blue Gate office to assist with investigations.

Zoe was released after questioning.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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