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Covid-19: Chinese government developed courage against the pandemic – Dr. Dwamena

Ghana’s former Deputy Ambassador to China, Dr. Charles Dwamena has shared what he believes helped the Chinese combat the deadly novel coronavirus disease that originated from the Wuhan Province in China and has caused a global scourage.

He said the Chinese developed a positive attitude to the illness urging them to build in a short period, a hospital specially designed to tackle the disease.

According to Dr. Dwamena, the Chinese people adhered to the novel coronavirus restrictions given by the government to contain the pandemic which played a major role to contain the virus when it broke out.

In an exclusive interview with Original 91.9FM’s Kwaku Owusu Adjei on the Adwenekasa programme Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Dr. Charles Dwamena stated that the Chinese handling of the pandemic taught him some salient lessons which have shaped his reasoning.

“What I learned from the pandemic are these: when you encounter a problem, there are two solutions. To begin with; Is to complain and cast blames and ask how did it happen and why did it happen to me,” he said, “The other thing is to gather courage and drive yourself out of the situation.”

Dr. Dwamena said China developed courage that is not new from the turn taken by his Asian country, adding that the country was able to mobilize resources to put up a structure to fight the wave.

“China adopted the second approach. It wasn’t different from the decision taken by Ghana. It was in the heat of the pandemic that China was able to build an Infectious Disease Center which was a unique health facility,” he noted.

“The health center was built in a relatively short period when their centers couldn’t accommodate the quick spread.”

“They build this hospital in ten days when their other health facilities were overcrowded with patients. They did it,” he indicated.

Dr. Dwamena emphasized that the leadership of China implemented measures to curb the spread which was wholly received by the citizens because they understood the problem at stake.

“The China government firmly instituted the Covid-19 protocols, social distancing, wearing of nose masks and lockdowns. The people of China respected the protocols understanding the risk that went with the pandemic. This helped them to nip the situation in the bud,” he said.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana


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