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Desist from circulating false information – Miracle Preparatory School cautions media, public

Miracle Preparatory School, the junior high school which the late Leticia Kyere Pinaman who allegedly killed herself attended, has cautioned the media and general public to halt spreading misinformation about her death.

“We humbly send out condolences to family, friends, and all who knew her and keep them in our prayers in the hard times. We entreat the public and media outlets to desist from circulating false information on print and all social media platforms, as we cherish her memory and look to get to the bottom of this,” the statement read.

The headmistress of the school said Leticia, “was found, hanging at the dining hall. Prior to this, she was seen at the auditorium for our weekly Monday Bible Studies.”

According to the statement available to Original News, the death of Leticia who was a final year student preparing to sit for the upcoming Basic Education Certification Education (BECE) is yet to be determined by professionals.

The school, therefore, pledged to assist with the investigation to unravel the cause of the 14-year-old’s death.

“The school is cooperating fully to assist the police with the investigation. A communique will be issued when the school knows more,” it added.

Family demands justice 

The family holds the assertion that their daughter was murdered and they are demanding justice.

Leticia Kyere Pinaman, a final year student of Miracle Preparatory was, on May 17, 2021, around 9: 45 pm found dead hanging in the dining hall of the school.

According to the mother, the deceased was killed by some of her colleague students and hanged in the dining hall to cover up their crime.

“Someone killed my daughter. Lord deal with the person in the morning, when he or she drinks water…” the mother said.

“Leticia was killed. A doctor has confirmed she did not commit suicide if she had, she’d defecate on herself. I was there when the doctor undressed Leticia she had not defecated or urinated on herself. Her tongue didn’t come out of her mouth. It all means someone killed her and tied her neck with the rope,” she added.

The deceased’s senior sister also doubts Leticia would do herself any harm.

In a self-recorded video posted on social media and has since gone viral, she accuses the school’s authority of attempts to protect the school’s reputation by covering up for the murderers.

“Someone killed her and deliberately hanged her. How can someone commit suicide by hanging then her feet would be on the ground? Also, there’s no chair around to determine that she stood on it to kill herself. Someone kill her. The school children killed her. No one should say my sibling killed herself. She didn’t kill herself if you’ve killed her stop disgracing her. The school authorities saying she killed herself do not want their name mentioned. The school she was attending was Miracle Preparatory School and she was a border. You’ve killed her with all the lies we understand [but] you are not going to go scot-free,” Leticia’s sister said.

The body of the 14’year-old has been deposited at the morgue for preservation awaiting autopsy.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana




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