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Don’t think about your selfish interests; have the nation at heart – Young boy to Politicians

A schoolchild who called unto the extended version of the Original Inspiration on Original 91.9FM on Easter Monday made a solemn appeal to the leadership of the nation.

The regular show host Godfred Dankwah Junior who responds to the moniker Man Godee on Monday, April 5, 2021, shifted from the usual programme format and touched on social issues.

He bemoaned the negligence of Ghana’s leaders for seemingly being unperturbed about the plight of the citizenry.

In his presentation, he took listeners and viewers on Facebook through deplorable roads, schools, and hospitals in the country while urging the government to fix the problems.

Juxtaposing the poor infrastructures to facilities in London, Man Godee called for the provision of urgent solutions amidst lambasting the leaders for their deafening silence on the situation leading to loss of lives.

During the phone-in segment, a young boy who gave his name as Samuel touched several hearts with his plea to Ghanaian leaders.

“What I have to say is that all you said was the truth,” Samuel said and continued “I was watching with my mother on Facebook. If I were to be enrolled at the school in the sorry state I wouldn’t be able to adapt and it will affect my academics”.

“See the hospital that water was leaking from the ceiling and there was a bucket inside to collect the droplets and a sick patient is right there. How could she heal?” he questioned in dismay.

Samuel, however, in his closing remarks urged the leaders to serve the country wholeheartedly adding the interest of Ghana should always be paramount in their decisions.

“I have something small to say to our leaders though I have never partaken in the electoral voting, I will plead with them that when they assume office, they shouldn’t think about their selfish interests; they should have the nation at heart because our mothers, fathers, and siblings queue in a line to vote and elect a leader to govern the nation, so, I plead with them to refrain from pursuing their own interests and think about the nation,” little Sammy said.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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