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Galamsey: It’s worrying illegal miners have gone back to site – EPA

The Deputy Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Mr Ebenezer Appah-Sampong, has expressed worry over resurrection of galamsey activities on our water bodies once again.

He said government and other state agencies did well to reduce such activities to the extent of getting our water bodies back and clean for the people in the said areas, then all of a sudden, the activities of illegal mining has begun again.

Mr Ebenezer Appah-Sampong made these comment in an interview with Original 91.9FM’s Kwabena Ahwireng Martin at the ongoing training program for the Parliamentary Press Corps at the Institute of Environmental studies on the topic “Persuasive and responsive environmental reporting”

Mr Appah-Sampong explained that all necessary actions have to be adopted in making sure that people engaged in galamsey activities are dealt with to save the water bodies for Ghanains.

He urged all well meaning Ghanains, especially those living around where such illegal mining activities are happening to report to the appropriate authorities for the necessary actions to be taken to stop such people.

The Deputy Executive Director further touched on some nagetive farming activities such as the use of chemicals which is seriously affecting the lives of the living organisms within and outside the soil, such as mushrooms, snails, butterflies, bees and more.

He explained that proper or adequate education must be given to people that import such chemicals into the country and also the farmers on how to apply them in order to save the environment for all

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