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Ghanaian households feast on dead fish wash ashore

Some Ghanaian households are feeding on the washed-ashore found in the coastal areas in the country.

Particularly, some residents near the Revilla Beach at Jamestown, Accra have prepared meals with the washed-ashore fish and sold some to others knowing and unknowingly.

One of the residents speaking to Metro TV’s Gabriel Nii Obodie Ashong said although it is unclear what actually caused the death of the fish they are safe for human consumption.

“We saw people picking the dead fish from the sea and, we also rushed there and upon arrival, we saw large fish lying motionless, so, we started picking them too.”

“On that fateful day, we cooked some of the dead fish and we consumed it. On yesterday, we again prepared with fufu and enjoyed it,” he stated.

Identified as Kofi Mpiri holds the belief that the washed-ashore fish is God’s way of providing for the fishing community during the Easter festivities.

He added that being alive after consuming the dead fish incessantly for two days connotes it poses no health risks.

“We initially thought it was unsafe but we were later persuaded by our senior brothers that God gave it to us,” Kofi noted.

“My mind tells me that God or, I don’t know.” Stating categorically that, “It is God who gave it to us for Easter celebration.”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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