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Mallams are different from Juju men – Popular Muslim Cleric

A renowned Muslim cleric, Mallam Hussein Alhasan has expressed worry about how some members of the public misconstrue the works of a Mallam and a juju man.

According to him, while a juju man is someone vetted by local traditions and well versed in traditional spiritual medicines, a Mallam is an honorific title given to Islamic scholars.

Speaking to Original 91.9FM in an interview, Mallam Hussein noted that it is unfortunate most of the juju men in the country use the title ‘Mallam’ though their operations are miles away from Islamic scholars.

“Why do people think Mallams and native doctors are the same people?” he quizzed noting that “A Mallam is an Islamic scholar. Mallams are not juju practitioners”.

His displeasure comes in the wake of the killing of a 10-year-old boy allegedly for money ritual by two teenagers who claimed acted on instruction from one Mallam they contacted to help them get rich within the shortest possible time.

Mallam Hussein says although he welcomes a ban on TV advertisements of native doctors, the public must be educated on the difference between the two.

”It un-Islamic for anyone to refer to himself as a Mallam and indulge in occultism and money rituals,” Mallam Hussein added.

By: Daniel Mensah Badu |Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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