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Observing Covid-19 protocols: Responsibility lies more with citizens – Akosua Manu

Communications team member of the NPP, Akosua Asaa Manu, has said that the responsibility lies with the citizen when it comes to creating defenses against the pandemic.

She said even though the government’s intervention for the first wave was laudable, it is natural for human beings to break free from restrictions.

The former deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana National Youth Authority was speaking in relation to the President’s call to the nation to observe the Covid-19 protocols amidst a pending third wave..

Commenting on the President’s speech on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Monday, July 26, 2021, the spokeslady for the ruling NPP noted “But I have said this here multiple times even with you Annie even when we were in the old studio that a lot of the fight when it comes to Covid is personal. The government will put in measures to aid and help.”

“We all know the interventions that kicked in last year and for most people, it helped. But in the President’s address, he stated clearly that we have let our guard down,” she stated.

She said Ghanaians are already exhausted from the prolonged wearing of face masks.

“Let not forget that the minute the vaccine came in, for most people it was like it so tiring wearing the mask. Every day you are going out and you know how it is. You move in twos and teams often so you have to keep it on and if you are sitting in a meeting for hours and you are just tired you want to yank it off and then inhale,” she indicated.

She stressed that the new wave of the pandemic is more deadly than the first for that reason they cannot drop their guard.

“But then, the Delta Variant the conversations start and it’s a new variant. It’s Delta. It is resistant to some of the vaccines. In the first stream, you infect two people. Delta Variance one infected person can infect five to eight people which is scary,” she cautioned.

She hinted that some negative perception about the vaccines must not place complete faith in them, “Now what most people haven’t realized when it comes to vaccines is:”

“You realize most people are saying ‘oh it changes your DNA and conspiracy theories. You were even worried. You remember you said something like, what if you take a jab and you start growing ears or something. You had this funny expression,” she emphasized.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu

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