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Owner of strange goat with six legs, two sex organs pleads for money for surgery

A young man whose pregnant goat has given birth to a strange offspring in Cape Coast in the Central Region is soliciting funds to embark on a surgery.

The lad whose name is not immediately known said he realized upon the goat giving birth that the kid suffers some lameness making it exhibit abnormality.

“My rearing animal, it is a goat it’s given birth to a kid. But the kid has lameness. I sent it to the veterinary service. The doctors are demanding huge sums of money for the surgery. Seemingly the goat was supposed to produce two babies but it gave birth to one which has six legs, its anus is two, it also has two sex organs,” narrated the man in viral audio.

Frontages available to Original News ascertain his claim the kid is a rare breed of goat.

“It doesn’t defecate through the normal hole it rather brings out unwanted waste through the hole in its stomach area. That’s where it excretes urine too. It walks with its four normal legs and the other two hanging,” the goat’s owner added.

He is, therefore, appealing to the general public to extend their benevolence towards him in form of cash to aid in the surgical operation of the kid suffering lameness.

“I need people to help [me]. They [local veterinary service] have directed me to take it to Accra. The surgery will cost me a huge amount of money;  GHc3,500,” he said adding “So, I need the people’s support. No amount is small. I really plead with them”.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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