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Possessive and aggressive couple violent – Dr. Oppong

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Derrick Oppong says possessive and aggressive couples are the most violent people in marriages and often abuse their spouse when the slightest mistake is committed.

According to him, such couples believe that so long as they provide for the other party, they are at liberty to claim ownership over them and subsequently maltreat them.

Speaking to Original 91.9 FM’s Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Adwenekasa Friday morning, Dr. Oppong said people unleash their anger on their subordinates hence abusive couples assault their partners because they think the spouse is under their control and care.

“Mistrust is also there, but it’s not everybody who has mistrust is violent,” he averred, adding, “Someone does not trust at all but the person is not violent,  the person will monitor the spouse’s movements and nag but after getting evidence to back the claim of adultery, the relationship ends.”

“Mistrust can also make people violent but not all mistrust people are violent. In most cases possessive and aggressive people are the violence,” the renowned clinical psychologist said.

Dr. Oppong further indicated that if that is not the case, why then, do abusive couples not direct their toxic behavior to their supervisors in their various workplaces but often inflict their spouses with pain adding such couples see their spouses as their property.

His pronouncements come on the heels of conversations following rising cases of domestic abuses in the country which has led to the untimely death of two Ghanaian women.

He noted that lack of respect for a spouse and uncontrolled anger contributes to domestic abuses adding no one harms a person he or she holds in high esteem.

“Several things come to play; firstly, the level of respect the abuser has for the abuse, because if you have respect for a person you wouldn’t do anything against him or her. Secondly; it’s anger issues on people. Sometimes, when one gets furious but has no knowledge what triggered the anger it’s called displacement anyone he or she gets and thinks one is his or her subordinate the person unleash it on him or her.”

“In their view, when they maltreat such people they cannot revenge”

He also blamed domestic abuses on belief systems, explaining that, ‘the belief one is guided by in life; If you believe it is right for a man to assault a woman or you continue to abuse someone and anger adds up what happens is violence becomes graduated’

Dr. Oppong, however, mentioned that such behaviors are mental disorders and abusers should muster courage and consult psychologists to help improve their mental health.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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