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Prosecute Caleb Kudah – Paul Boateng to Nat’l Security

Security analyst, Paul Boateng, is urging the Ministry of National Security to file charges against the young broadcaster, Caleb Kudah, for his unlawful entry into the ministry’s parking lot to film abandoned MASLOC vehicles.

According to him, allowing the host of Back Page on Citi TV to go unpunished will discourage national security operatives from embarking on their constitutional assigned duties.

He asserts that it is incomprehensible for the National Security Ministry to sanction its four operatives who manhandled the journalist but charges won’t be pressed against Caleb for his unauthorized entry into the ministry’s premises.

“I did not find in the statement further investigations or punishment for the young man. All they said was he acted unlawfully. What the lad did was spying. There’s no difference between his and the modus operandi of terrorists. This statement is just a political statement. If they punish the national security operatives and allow the journalist to go scot-free it will lower the morale and affect the operations of national security.  The operatives won’t get the courage to carry out their duty like previously,” he told Pato, Kwaku Owusu Adjei Friday.

“What’s the next line of action for Caleb Kudah?” the CEO of African Centre Security and Intelligence quizzed adding “Where he breached the law, the National Security must ensure …When you read the statement nothing was said further.”

“When they said unlawful it ended there, right? Why didn’t they add appropriate action that would be taken against him and leave him just like that? It is political talk. They want to please the media but in security, you don’t do that, you don’t comprise. If I had a say I’d tell the minister he shouldn’t have issued the statement. It exposes him. His level on security matters whoever reads this will say it’s political talk. He’s there because of politics he’s a political figure.”

His comments come on the heels of the Ministry of National Security announcing the completion of its probe into the alleged assault on Caleb Kudah when he was caught filming abandoned MASLOC vehicles within the ministry’s premises.

A statement released on Thursday, May 20, 2021, signed by the sector minister, Albert Kan Dapaah, indicated that the conduct of its officers was “inappropriate and contravened the Ministry’s standard operating procedures”.

Among actions taken against the operatives, the Ministry announced the reversal of the secondment of Lt Col. Agyeman as Director of Operations.

It also includes the withdrawal of the three police officers serving as operatives

Lt. Col. Agyeman is to report to the Chief of Defense Staff for further investigation and appropriate action while the police officers are to report to the Ghana Police Service for investigations and disciplinary action.

“The Ministry of National Security wishes to assure the general public and particularly all media practitioners that the Ministry will expeditiously investigate any complaints against any personnel of its agencies.

“The tenets of National Security in Ghana should be based on a Whole-of-Government and a Whole-of-Society approach and cooperation from all well-meaning Ghanaians,” the statement stated.

On Mr. Caleb Kudah, the Ministry stated that his entry into the security premises was unlawful.

“The Committee also established that the journalists’ unauthorised entry into the premises of the Ministry of National Security was unlawful.”

But Paul Boateng could not fathom the rationale for leaving the journalist unpunished after citing him for breaching clear security laws.

“If they punish the operatives and the lad goes scot-free, I consider his act as spying. In spying, if you succeed you’re a hero. When you’re caught and arrested you pay the price. We don’t tolerate such people. How he conducted himself that’s how spies act. Terrorists before they attack they employ the same tactics. If you observed he forwarded the files immediately after filming them. How do you know his colleague was his accomplice? Wasn’t a journalist responsible for sending British information to Russians?”

“Most of the journalists across the world all over are spies. If you don’t know let me tell me. That is their source of income. Research shows that. I tell you most practicing journalists are spies for money. This is the reason the Saudi government traced and murdered a journalist in Turkey,” he averred and ended the interview abruptly.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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