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Sammy Gyamfi urges new IGP to restore confidence and protect citizens

Sammy Gyamfi has urged the newly appointed Inspector General of Police, COP Dampare to use his new office to restore confidence in the Police Service, stressing that the duty of the security service is to protect citizens and not the other way round.

“Speaking about expectations, what is the expectation of Sammy Gyamfi or the man watching or the ordinary Ghanaian as far as this appointment is concerned? We are all worried about the image and credibility crisis that the Ghana Police Service is currently facing,” he stated.

Elaborating more on his stance on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Thursday, July 22, 2021, Mr. Sammy Gyamfi said Mr. Dampare must take some radical decisions to restore hopes that citizens have in the police force adding. “People of this country are looking for a police service that can and will protect the people. Not the police service which will be used by political actors against the people as we have seen in fix the country movement

He further echoed that the police have been used against citizens that have expressed genuine concerns about matters adding “some of them have been assaulted and some of them are being harassed by the police and all of that”.

The Communications Officer for the NDC emphasized that the public must benefit from the high investment made into the police service saying,

“We don’t want to see our police service which we as a people has established, who we pay being used by political actors against the people. We want to have a police service that protects and defends the people,” he added.


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