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State capture – Amidu insists corruption fight is in shambles

Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, says Ghana’s fight against corruption has been and still in State Capture – suggesting the president and his cohorts continue to loot the country.

His pronouncement comes after the Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Sir. Sam Jonah at a Rotary Club function insinuated that the country seems to be in a culture of silence.

“What is baffling is that those who used to have voices on these things seem to have lost their voices. People speak on issues based on who is in power. Is our deafening silence suggesting that we are no longer concerned about issues that we complained about not too long ago, particularly when those issues persist…..The molestation of and in some cases assassination of journalists, murder of MPs, corruption, the harassment of anti-corruption agents.

“We have just finished another election, the 8th in the series since the beginning of our fourth Republican democratic experiment. As usual, the accolades came in from all corners of the world, and we took them with pride. What we failed to tell the world is that some people lost their lives in the course of the election,” he said in his speech titled ‘Reflections on Ghana’s future; Down the up escalator’.

Amidu, addressing the nomination of Kissi Agyabeng as the next Special Prosecutor in an op-ed on Thursday also opined that critics of the business magnate’s assertion are beneficiaries of the loot.

“I read Sir Sam Jonah’s expose on impunity, corruption, and other “isms” militating against the fight against corruption in government and the economy before reading the series of propaganda publications by Asaase Radio on its preferred and proposed new Special Prosecutor.”

“No impartial observer can disagree with Sir Sam Jonah’s reflections except beneficiaries of the system who loot from the public purse. The fight against corruption in Ghana has been and is still in State Capture. Mark my words!,” Amidu averred.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana




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