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Tears flow as mourners bid 13 drowned Apam teenagers farewell

A mass burial for the thirteen teenagers who drowned while swimming at the sea in Apam has been held today, Tuesday, March 16.

Mourners, from far and near, included various families, friends and sympathizers gathered at the St. Luke Catholic Hospital in Apam on Tuesday, to pay their last respect to the late teenagers before the carcasses were finally transported to the ceremony for burial.

While some of the mourners went into a state of shock after seeing the body, others could not hold back their tears as they filed past the body.

For some of the mourners, it was difficult to comprehend that thirteen teenagers have departed this world at a very young age.


At the burial service, family members who spoke to the press said they will miss their loved ones following the tragedy.

Joseph Narh, one of the dead teenagers’ father, said he was days away from leaving the country with his family to Spain.

“I came from Spain a couple of weeks ago and my plan was to carry them [my family] with me. So I came down for just a month and was to leave with them. It has been a big blow,” he said.. 

Postponed burial

There are fears the teenagers defied the laws of the land by swimming at a place that is the preserve of the gods.

The burial service was originally scheduled for Thursday, March 11 but had to be postponed for the rituals to be performed by the community leaders. 

Appraisal of gods

Ahead of the burial service, the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council in the Central Region performed rituals to appease the gods of the land ahead.

One cow, three sheep, 12 fowls, 33 tubers of yam, and three cartons of schnapps were offered to the gods by a traditional priest on Monday, March 15, 2021

According to the Queen mother of Apam, Nana Essel Botchwey, the gods revealed to them during the consultation that they (gods) have been offended and must be pacified.

She explained that the victims strayed into a ‘no go area’ of the sea when they went swimming hence the calamity that befell them.

 By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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