Afenyo Markin condemns NDC’s attack on the judiciary

The Deputy Majority Leader and MP for Efutu Alexander Afenyo Markin has condemned and refuted the statements made by the Minority Leader, Mr. Harruna Iddrisu, last Wednesday, 28 July, that the NPP government is manipulating the activities of the Judiciary in order to influence the decision on some political cases including the Assin North case.

Addressing the media today Friday 30 July, Mr. Afenyo Markin said, it is becoming too regular for the minority to scandalized the Judiciary anytime a ruling or judgment does not go in their favour.

He sighted the case of the late Bawku Central MP, Adamu Sakande as a precedent, wherein his case, also filled and submitted his forms to the Electoral Commission of Ghana whilst he was also in a process to denounce his dual citizenship with the Britain, but the court never accepted his explanation, since, the laws of Ghana State that, at the time of filing the EC forms, the person must not hold allegiance to any other country apart from Ghana.

He said the Parliament cannot be used as a platform to interfere in the Judiciary independence and the NDC minority should respect the Judiciary on their rulings and decisions.

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