Free SHS needs assessment by all stakeholders – Mahama

Former President, John Dramani Mahama, has called for a review of the free Senior High School educational policy.

He said there is a need for stakeholders to deliberate about the challenges with the system and ensure the smooth running of the initiative.

Mr. John Mahama said no one must personalize the educational initiative stressing that it is always necessary that a project is revisited after a period of roll-out to ascertain if the program is progressing with the aims and objectives set in place.

Addressing a group of religious leaders during his ‘Thank You’ tour of the Bono Region, the former President said everyone has something to contribute to the program hence his suggestion for deliberations and coming to new agreements.

“But no one party has all the answers to the problems of this nation. And that’s why I said that as much as possible there should be consultation and consensus,” Mr. Mahama.

John Mahama pointed that he is calling for persons who the program concerns to have a discussion on the way forward of the country’s learning platform except the policy administrators are not directly involved, he said.

“When I call for a national stakeholder’s conference on free education, am not saying that political parties should go and sit down and talk about free SHS. Am saying that parents, teachers, educational experts, and everybody. Students should all come and let’s identify what the issues are so that we can come together with a consensus and say that, this is where we want to go with our educational system. And then government can make the corrections” he noted.

Mr. Mahama said the difficulty begins when persons begin to feel that knowledge is in one head stating that he was misconstrued for calling for such a review exercise.

“But if somebody takes it upon himself that they know everything and that whatever you say they won’t mind you then you do have a problem. When I say let’s have a national stakeholder’s meeting to review SHS they say I mean abolish free SHS. Where review came to mean abolish, I don’t know” he said.

The 2020 NDC flagbearer indicated that reconsideration is a necessary catalyst when a project has progressed for a while and there is the need to check if the plan is still being adhered to. He emphasized that there is safety in multitudes of counselors.

“But after you have implemented something, there comes a time when you must review the progress you’ve made and see whether you are still going in the right direction or you’re going in the wrong direction. And when you’re going in the wrong direction, it takes many heads to come together to give you the ideas to correct that path,” he added.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu

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