Ghana can’t be fixed if we don’t change our attitude – NPP Abanga

The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), National Youth Organizer hopeful, Fuseini Yakubu Abanga, popularly known as NPP Abanga, says fixing the country will begin with attitudinal change.

He said the citizenry changing their ill attitude for the better will translate to the transformation of the country.

“I always opine though some people subject fixing the country to only the government, if we will fix the country our conduct, attitude and behaviour doesn’t change no matter how we fix the country it will not work,” he said on Adwenekasa Monday.

NPP Abanga further highlighted activities of the Ghanaian which hinder the progress of the country despite the government deliberately introducing policies to solve the plight of the citizenry.

“We dispose empty sachet water anyhow. Not only in Ghana, in Africa at large our attitude and actions are unreservedly different. After one drinks sachet water and sees a trash can around, he or she will not drop it in the container. It’d be dropped on the street.”

“When one is in a Trotro heading to Madina, East Legon, Kasoa en route to his or her destination and the person buys sachet water, after drinking while in traffic instead of giving the empty sachet to the vendor, the person will not. Either would the person dispose it on the vehicle so the conductor would clean them by the close of the day but the person would put it on the street,” he intimated.

He added “Not only that,  punctuality at work is also important. One has to close at 2 or 3 pm but will leave work at 1 pm.”

The youth activist dispelled the perception Ghana’s bad leaders are to be blamed for the country’s woes stressing the attitude of the citizenry affects the development of the country.

“You cannot just fix the agencies without fixing our attitude. Our attitude is very important. The government will fix it just like it has secured a €170 loan to help generate and empower and provide employment. He’s fixing the country. We’re in the amidst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are not in our normal times. So, fixing the country and we are also fixing our attitude and how we do things. Yes, we have agencies. Who are the occupants? Human beings. We’ve to realize the government cannot do it all by itself. You and I have to help the government.”


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana

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