NPP condemning ‘Efo Juju textbooks’ hypocrisy – Daniel Ashiaman

Erstwhile Buem Constituency lawmaker, Mr. Daniel Akwasi Ashiaman has described the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a hypocrite for condemning publishers of controversial anti-Ewe textbooks.

He said the incumbent party always campaigns ethnic bigotry in the country and it is appalling the same NPP is against the publishers.

Badu Nkansah Publications have been at the receiving end of some harsh criticisms over portions of books said to have denigrated the Ewe ethnic group in Ghana.

The textbooks – History of Ghana, Text Book 3, was authored by Badu Nkansah and Nelly Martinson Anim; while the Golden English Basic 4 was authored by Okyere Baafi Alexander both of which were said to contain bigoted content targeted at Ewes.

Subsequently, the publishers have, however, apologized.

The New Patriotic Party in a statement on Thursday, March 18, available to Original News, describing the books as “incompetent and inept” demanded the withdrawal of the said textbooks from the market.

The statement also asked Ghanaians to respect each other as one people to “drive international competitiveness for Ghana and open opportunities for our young people to master their talents and fulfill their dreams.”

“Current global values project universal human rights, encompassing respect for all peoples irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture or gender. Economies are being built on digital technology and innovation, creativity, and skills development. These are what will drive international competitiveness for Ghana and open opportunities for our young people to master their talents and fulfill their dreams.”

The party also urged the National Council for Curriculum Accreditation (NaCCA) to use the infamous situation to “refine and enforce their rules without fear or favor.”

But reacting to the statement on Original 91.9FM’s Adwenekasa flagship program on Friday morning, the former Member of Parliament for the Buem Constituency wondered why the NPP would encourage ethnocentrism at one breath and make a u-turn to criticize against it.

“Excuse my language. With all due respect to NPP people they are hypocrites,” the former Buem lawmaker asserted.

He explained why he branded the governing New Patriotic Party as hypocrites and further divulged why he strongly believes the party campaigns ethnocentrism.

“If it is not them, we are all Ghanaians. If it is them, you don’t respect the laws; ‘you are not this, you are not that.’ The country is not for them. We should all deliberate on how Ghana can progress. The country is not for the NPPs when they wake up they say we are all Ghanaians, stop tribal bigotry. Let us ask ourselves; Those [NaCCA] Ghanaians paid to take an educational decision for Ghanaian children couldn’t see through this line – they couldn’t see we shouldn’t tag people juju.”

“Are we not there (sic) when NPP chairman insulted Togbe Afede IV? Are we not there?  That’s why I’m saying NPP members are hypocrites.”

Mr. Ashiaman suggests the curriculum should be tailored to focus on innovative ways to develop the country at the basic level and not distasteful tribal remarks.

“As a child grows what he’s taught in the classroom is what he grows with it because it will stick there. When I was in primary school all that teachers taught me, the making of kits. I can still recapture them, so, therefore, if a country like Ghana; the National Council for Curriculum Accreditation (NaCCA), or the Ministry of Education or GES, let us ask ourselves; if Ghana would develop what should we include in the early childhood curriculum? That should be a question because a child at birth knows nothing.

“The environmental aspects inform his decision and he grows with it. And, what he’s growing along with why don’t we put in our textbooks in primary school; how to make a car, how to make a machine – a factory machine, how to develop a good road. These are the things we are supposed to tutor children to realize growing up there are the things I have to develop. “

To this end, he registered his displeasure with stallholders of the education sector for their negligence and the introduction of an alien culture in the curriculum.

“We have left all these and from the same education or GES, we were adopting a curriculum that will teach children homosexuality at the kindergarten or nursery or primary. From there we brought the man and woman intimacy. We spoke against those things in this country and all Ghanaians agree we shouldn’t tolerate such thing,“ he averred.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Originalfmonline.com | Ghana



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