Rigorous political processes can deny genuine leaders – Sammy Gyamfi

Sammy Gyamfi has reechoed the need to desist from partisan positions if Ghana wants to see true and genuine development as a country.

He said there can be neutral persons who can spearhead development but can be discouraged due to rigorous political procedures.

The National Communications Officer of the NDC was buttressing his point on electing MMDCEs on competence irrespective of where the representative is emanating from.

Arguing his stance on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Thursday, July 29, 2021, the seasoned lawyer of the NDC, “Now have we gotten to that stage of maturity in our politics where there can be cooperation irrespective of peoples’ partisan biases or partisan positions and all that? Have we gotten to that stage? We think that we have not gotten there yet.”

Mr. Sammy Gyamfi stated that leadership must not play politics with the genuine needs of the people urging that “we must not divide this country from the top to the bottom.  Let us do the partisan politics at the top but at the community levels, the assembly levels let us put the partisanship aside and elect people based on their competencies.”

Sammy Gyamfi advised that the process of appointing people into public offices must be made more flexible.

This, he explained that “So that people will not have to join a political party, pick nomination forms and go and bribe delegates. Because if we are going to conduct the elections on a partisan basis, the NPP and the NDC and all political parties will have to conduct their own internal primaries before they select candidates to run for particular electoral areas as assembly members and particular assemblies.’

“That is going to be expensive, the usual vote-buying and all that will happen there and it will not bring the best,” he emphasized.

Mr, Gyamfi explained that protocols one has to meet to qualify as a candidate for a public office can be frustrating citing

“You can have very good material. A lawyer in a community who is desirous of becoming an assembly or an MMDCE but that person will have to join a political party, go and pay the filing fee, go and meet delegates, give them T&T, camp them, bus them, and all that before he can win to contest on a ticket of a major political party,” he stated.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu

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