We are going to fix the country together – CPP eyes 2024 elections

The chairperson of the Convention’s People Party (CPP), Nana Akosua Frimponmaa Sarpong Kumankuma, says if the party is voted into power it will focus on rallying the people together in fixing the country.

Addressing the media at a press confab in Accra on Monday, she said “We will not look back. We are going to fix this country together. We take full responsibility that indeed it is our policies that accelerated the growth of this country from 1957 to 1966.”

“That we will not blame anybody because we know what exactly the problem is and the right solutions to cure the ills of the state,’ she added.

While urging the youth to mount intense pressure on the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in demanding their rights, she cautioned them to refrain from stepping in the way of security agencies.

“I request of the youth to continue to voice out and demand your rights but please for goodness sake, don’t get on the way of the security forces most of who take instructions from heartless superiors. We need you and your family alive to fix your thumb on CPP. The shameful and criminal acts in Ejura and Wa should never happen again and that government should take full responsibility. Ghana is not under military regime, we are governed by the 1992 constitution and every Ghanaian should defend the constitution. We will fix Ghana together,’ she stated.

The party also brushed off rumours making rounds that there are internal wrangling, ensuring party scribes that there’s no cause of alarm.

She said the party structures will play a pivotal role in tackling any unresolved issues in the party.

CPP is back for good

Nana Frimponmaa said the Convention’s People Party (CPP) is back for good and there’s no point in turning back.

She said the CPP is the only political party capable of rescuing Ghanaians from the poverty-stricken rule of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), promising they will turn Ghana into its winning ways.

“We are telling the whole world that the great CPP is back for good. And that we are doing everything to remove paid agents who are bent on destroying the party just like the stooges who collaborated with the CIA and overthrew Ghana’s multi-visionary founder and President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah,” she said.

“We assure you of our firm resolve to fight forward. CPP is up. We are ready to face every defeatist force frontally. We won’t look left, right, or back – Forward Ever, Backward Never – Tsoooooooo boi. Indeed, Osagyefo Never Dies.”

“What we are doing here is part of the house cleaning exercise. We are aware of the infiltrated elements who have come up with concocted theories meant to reduce CPP to the backyard. Have you paused to ask yourself why all the best level headed and finest politicians pass through the CPP?” she quizzed.

Explaining that “As the Chair and Leader, I assure all who are bent on protecting their thumb on me to remain focused to the course.”

The party called on all Nkrmaists to return to the rejuvenated CPP to ensure they win power to secure the country from its current state.

“We are making a clear call to all who have left to come back to CPP. We are poised. We have made modest gains and we will do everything to protect the integrity of the party.”

“The Party is governed by our constitution and we will go by its dictates. If these distractors feel they are the big tree, hahaaaa we are the small axe to cut them down into pieces.”

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